AED119.00 Sale! Evening Dubai Desert Safari

Evening Dubai Desert Safari

  • 4×4 Pick & Drop From Hotel/Location
  • BBQ Dinner With Buffet
  • Belly Dance
  • Quad Bike (Extra AED 80 Per Bike)
  • VIP Service (Extra AED 50 Per Person)
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AED69.00 Sale! Evening Dubai Desert Safari By Bus

Evening Desert Safari By Bus

  • Bus Pick & Drop From Our Locations
  • BBQ Dinner With Buffet
  • Belly Dance
  • Quad Bike (Extra AED 80 Per Bike)
  • VIP Service (Extra AED 50 Per Person)
AED150.00 Sale! Morning Dubai Desert Safari

Morning Dubai Desert Safari

  • 4×4 Pick & Drop From Hotel/Location
  • Camel Ride
  • Sand Boarding
  • Picture Point In Desert
  • Quad Bike (Extra AED 80 Per Bike)

Arabian Desert Safari

The Arabian Desert Safari is one of main attraction making rounds in the world. The city of sun and sand is enclosed with magical surprises like Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina, Dhow Cruise Creek, Arabian Desert Safari and many days and night activities to make one exhilarating experience for the travelers. The informal name of Arabian Desert Safari is Dune Bashing and Dune Driving. The chances of choosing the dunes of Dubai in an off-road vehicle is viable! You can do this trip on the off-road like Toyota Land Cruiser as these vehicles have more chances to travel through obstacles. That is why gadding about is way easier than any other vehicle on these off-road vehicles. The vehicles move around while covered in the cage to fulfill security measures for travelers to stay safe when overturns occur while traveling on sand terrain!

The Dune Driving is not only taking around the 4×4 off-road vehicle option. You need to understand there are many options available and you can literally have a thrilling experience to relish your time on a sandy surface of Arabian Desert Safari. Therefore enjoy these options of Quad Bike Safari, Camel Safari, Dune Buggy Safari, Night Safari, Falconry and Sand Boarding such an immense range of things available to give you an outrageous Arabian Desert Safari experience!

While checking out your Arabian Desert Safari you will get to know about perks waiting for you like Arabic Belly Dance, Tattoos of Henna, Barbecue Dinner, Camel Ride, Shisha and refreshment like your whole course is under booking of Arabian Desert Safari! Since it is one of main attractions of Dubai and every traveler want to experience it we are also commending it to you!

Following are the categorically made itineraries by Desert Safari Companies:

The Morning Safari Travel

The traveling companies take you to the edges of Dubai in the early time of the morning. After reaching to Arabian Desert Safari you will be psyched up to enjoy wondrously designed roller coaster ride of Dune by using SUV Vehicle. Later you will be provided with options of Quad Biking, Sand Skiing, and Camel Riding to move around places to places of outskirts of Dubai. The refreshment will be on company’s disposal while having fun in Arabian Desert Safari. They provide snacks and refreshment from starting to ending and by the time of the evening, you will be riding back to Dubai.

The Evening Safari Travel

The evening safari giving you a chance to run away from city life to enjoy Arabian Desert Safari! The experience of Dubai is nothing if you did not opt an opportunity to experience Arabian Desert Safari! You will run in Safari but traveling companies will not let you miss the chance to make one exhilarating experience! However, the evening safari travel is quite the same as morning safari. In this itinerary, you will enjoy the Arabian Desert Safari till late night and you will find no difference in Dune Bashing. The distinguishable experience will come afterward. After enjoying Dune Bashing you will be served with dinner which can vary from company to company. But the zenith of Arabian Desert Safari is Barbecue of evening safaris accompanying buffet and vegetarian options. The gents enjoy shisha to make their experience wonderful while ladies try their hands on tattoos of Henna! While enjoying trip you will be served with traditional coffee (kahwa), dates and opportunity provided by a traveling company to try out Arabian Costumes or their traditional costumes. The belly dance and shisha would not be available in the month of Ramadan and trying your hands on Quad Bike, Sand Skiing or Camel Riding will be varying on opted traveling company. So, psych up to enjoy the surreal travel experience.

The Overnight Safari Travel

You can enjoy the overnight safari travel. It is similar to evening safari travel. In this itinerary will be provided a place to sleep over with your group in Arabian Desert Safari. The desert safari is immensely surprising and thrilling for travelers so without wasting your time pack up your bags to travel!

The Quad Bike Desert Safari Travel

Enjoy around the desert on the Quad Bike! This ride is an incredible experience for sports enthusiasts. The steering wheel or handle is in your control and you have the liberty to drive like a freak to enjoy the thrill! The necessary precaution measures are needed to be followed while enjoying this full of life ride on sandy terrain! So, being away on the Arabian Desert Safari is perfectly fine to fume up happiness!

The Dune Buggy Desert Safari Travel

The same topography is enjoyable on the Dune Buggy just like a Quad Bike Desert Safari. The Dune Buggy is another thrilling way to leap at the topography of Arabian Desert Safari as it is a vehicle with a large wheel and wide tires to be utilized on the travel of sand. But jumping over this off-road driving experience you need to take proper precaution measures. The Dune Buggy ride is available for above 15 years old. The challenging out dunes of up and down topography instill your experience with full of adventure and thrill!

So, light up your experience by booking your trip now!

The exclusive packages are available to be served to you! After a year of a hectic routine, this will be a worthwhile experience to enjoy so much diversity in one city which is an example for the world in development and recreation! So, make yourself ready before experiencing the Arabian Desert Safari! Numerous companies are all set to entertain you in best way to present you exhilarating experience! So, compare different companies and deals to check out which one is the best for you to book your traveling trip now!

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